On Tour With Christina Aguilera

From Mix Magazine January 2001 Issue;

FOH engineer Stewart Bennett is using an unusual combination of FOH consoles, a Gamble DCX Event 40 and a Midas XL4. "The Gamble is an analog console with a digital control surface and is designed to be operated with a mouse," explains Bennett. "Being a little apprehensive at not having faders to mix with, we opted to interface the Gamble to the Midas XL4. Plus, I wanted to provide as conventional a layout as possible for the other engineers that would be using the system. Knowing what I know now, I probably would just use the Gamble DCX. It's got an amazing mic pre that is substantially better than any other console that I've ever used, and the EQ, compression and gating on each channel is equal to anything else out there. The combination ends up being just a wonderful small package that really takes a lot of the headache out of mixing and Jim Gamble has given us great support."

Front of House and our "dual" monitor road case (Thanks Kevin)

patched in and ready to go with the slide-out flat screen and keyboard

Yes it's running the monitors also!

Bill Chrysler setting up the windows the way he likes!