1. Digitally Controlled over a TCP/IP network.

a. 10BaseT (Ethernet), up to 300 Meters from computer to single remote hub.

b. Dial-up Network remote control of all console functions, "Live" over the Internet,
transfering <3KB packets that contain all the necessary information
to complete the task. The TCP/IP connection remains in a "logged-on"condition.

2. DCX Sever software runs under Windows NT

a. Software comes installed on the DCX Rack with the latest NT video driver, (1,024X768X16Bit color, 85Hz refresh rate)

b. Latest PCI bus-mastering driver,
(6.4GB Ultra EIDE hard drive speed tests at 14,400KBPS)

c. Windows NT affords maximum security (Users can not change the configuration)

3. DCX Client software runs under Windows NT .

a. Automatic updating of Client software configuration from the DCX Server.

b. Fast, control and VU data, interface (D-Word commands)

c. Automatic Saving of current console settings (every three minutes)

d. 128 Module Groups, (Including Fader Grouping) (Virtual VCA),

e. Optional RS232 Control Surface, for hands-on hard Faders (moterized) and switch controls.

f. Up to 8 users can control the DCX Server with Client software at the same time.

g. Unlimted number of scenes in a sequence.

h. Propagation Filter carries through control changes from the current scene forward through remaining scenes.